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A time to build up and a time to tear down

This time had a mix of both.
18 years ago,  Emmanuel missioners built a ball field, a ceremonial arbor and an announcers stand at the arbor. Yesterday and today were times of its deconstruction and it seemed right that it was a group of us involved in that process.
It lead to deep conversation among the wrecking crew about other structures in our lives; how we can be emotionally attached to them,  know and love their history  but finally have to admit that they're no longer serving the purpose for which they were created. There comes a time when patching the rotting parts  and covering them up with paint is no longer good enough. It's got to go.

And it did, but not without a fight. I'm told there are images, as well as a video, of the final moments when the whole team pulled on ropes to pull it down.

Look what's here; not the images but the video -
enjoy!  It has been reduced to scraps,  and some of the wood will be salvaged for other projects. Some will be burned.

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