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Thoughts while cutting wood

I spent several hours last weekend with friends,  splitting wood. I also gained several random insights while doing it.
The work is physical, it can be hard on an old back what with all the bending, 
lifting and stacking; but it allows the eyes to observe and the mind to ponder.  BTW, we're collectively convinced you can tell the gender of the splitter/stacker  by the 'composition' of the resulting stack.
The ones below were obviously created by male, "get 'er done" types.
 Look at the image above and see if you can guess which ones were done differently.
But I digress - which is exactly how my mind works doing tasks
outside my usual routine.  We weren't splitting logs using an old fashioned wedge and sledge hammer;  that might be a more perfect way to work out aggressive tendencies  but its not as efficient or as user friendly
as a gas powered splitter. I don't know the technical and mechanical terms used to describe how it works but basically you trap and squeeze a cu…

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