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Mini Mission trip

Some people travel in straight lines: sit in metal boxes, eyes ahead, always mindful of their target, moving in obedience to the colored lights and white lines, Mission accomplished at journeys end.
Some people travel round in circles, trudging in drudgery, eyes looking down, knowing only too well their daily unchanging round; moving in response to clock and habit, journey never finished yet never begun.
I want to travel in patterns of Gods making; walking in wonder, gazing all around; knowing my destiny but not my destination, moving to the rhythms of the surging of his spirit, a journey which when life ends, in Christ has just begun. Julian McGuiness
Our first ever mini Adult Mission trip is in the books - and we're declaring it a success.
We drove to SD all day Thursday (in a drive that's anything but Kwik!),  worked Friday and Saturday mornings for Firewood for the Elders,  went sightseeing in the afternoon,  enjoying the natural beauty of the reservation and seeing features particular to…

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