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Hard to believe how the week has flown by...
our tasks have been completed beyond HFH staff expectations, cleaning the dorm is underway even as I write this and, in 15 minutes we'll hop in the van to head to Pow wow.

Tomorrow departure is at 6:30am - hopefully home by 10pm.

Sandy LOVED the cleanup and re-organization of the workshop, saying he felt like he was on a Home Makeover show!

What fun to give him and his staff a nicer place in which to work.

We come to Mission 1 week a year.
These folks live and act out their faith and ministry everyday in ways we can't imagine!

Oops... gotta go.
I'd say I was afraid they'd leave for Pow-wow without me, but I have the van key!!

See you all soon - and thanks for following along.


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