Mini immersion?

Lauren and I were toying the other day with offering the chance 
for a mini-immersion excursion to Rosebud.
For those who might not be able to take a full week off work
but want to experience Lakota culture 
AND offer work to the Firewood for Elders program,
we've been thinking of bringing a group out in August,
leaving St Louis on Thursday,
working Friday and Saturday chopping/splitting wood,
attending Rosebud Fair in the evenings
and returning to St Louis on Sunday.

It would be a whirlwind long weekend;
it would be hard work;
it would be HOT
(as in Dante's seventh circle of hell hot) 
but it would be a great chance to experience a mini Mission
in a compressed time frame.

Give it some thought...
 I suspect the cost would be $200.00.

Any takers?

August 24-27th, 2017.

Let's get these wood cribs filled back up again!


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