We're here - and working!

I'm sure you've all heard the saying 
"The way to the house of a friend is never long" - 
well, that's an alternative fact if I've ever heard one!

But, on Saturday morning,
3 newbies
and the usual suspects 
all piled into the van 
and headed west, north 
and then west some more.

 Traffic jams in Kansas City,
multiple gas stops
and two meal breaks -
one which truly was 'the last leg' of the trip
 made for a long 15 hour day!

But we were all still talking to one another by the time we arrived
and got settled in.
It's been nothing by clear skies -
and warm temps since!
Our first project of the week was to re-site the playground 
 so it is more visible to the parents watching their bigger kids on the baseball field
and to create mulch from the pile of debris
so it can be placed under the swings.
Spreading mulch will come tomorrow ...
too hot, too tired  -
too hungry - and I'm on kitchen duty, 
so signing off!


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